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3rd Party Programs

This site contains all the programs, batch-files and scripts, which are working with genesis, but which do not belong to the official distribution of Genesis 1.3. For more information or help, ask the corresponding author of the program.


The newest version of the new postprocessor for GENESIS 1.3. It requires IDL 6.1 or higher, but it can run the 'virtual machine' enviroment of IDL, which does NOT require any license. The executable for the virtual machine is xgenesis.sav. Start virtual machine by either clicking the icon (Windows) or typing 'idl -vm' at the command prompt (Unix, Mac) and then browse for the xgenesis.sav file. For user with a full license of IDL, note that the source code is now split in individual files. The subroutines are compiled when they are called by the program. To ensure that IDL finds these programs, either start xgenesis in the directory, where the pro-files are located or set your IDL path variable to the directory, where the source code can be found.

I manual will be added once the new version will become offical and replaces the old version. In the future all subroutines will be renamed to avoid naming conflicts with subroutines from the IDL distribution.

Source Date Author
xgenesis.tar 12/12/04 Sven Reiche


The program genwake can be used to calculate wake potentials which then can be imported into Genesis for time-dependent simulation via the BEAMFILE feature. The program supports resistive wall wakefields, geometric wakefields and surface roughness wakefields (both inductive mode and synchronous mode). In the case of the resistive and geometric wake the user can chose between a round pipe and the limit of two parallel plates. The archive contains the source code, a sample input file and the executable for a G4 Macintosh computer. For the allowed input parameters and format please refer to the source code or email the author.

Source Date Author
genwake.tar 12/12/04 Sven Reiche


A program, which splits the single output file of a scan or time-dependent run into multiple output files, which the data for a single slice each. The global output of the position along the undulator and the undulator/quadrupole field is added to each output file. It works only with the original file format. The pacakge contains a windows executable, the manual and the source code to compile it on other platforms.

Source Date Author
gen2pread.zip 05/15/04 Bart Faatz


Beta-match can read a Genesis 1.3 magnet input lattice and calculates the matching condition (alpha and beta-function values) to propagate the beam through the undulator. The optimum matching in genesis is done with the ALPAHX, ALPHAY, RXBEAM and RYBEAM parameters. A manual is included in the archive.

Source Date Author
beta-match.zip 05/16/04 Bart Faatz


The program allows for an easy set-up of a Genesis magnetic input file. the program requires a few input parameters, supplied in an input file. Further information can be obtain by the manual, included in the distribution, and the source code.

Source Date Author
field.zip 05/16/04 Bart Faatz