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The Main Output File

The main output file is in ASCII format and is split into three parts: the header, the global parameters and the parameters for each slice. After some information about version, platform and name of the input file, a namelist repeats all input parameters. It is possible to rerun GENESIS 1.3 with the output file because the header fulfills the requirement of a valid input file. Still header part several auxiliary parameters are listed which describes the following data set as well as some information about additional output for the radiation field and particle distribution (see below). These information can be used by any postprocessor to correctly read the output files.

The global parameters are mainly the position along the undulator for each output and the corresponding undulator and quadrupole field at that position.

For each slice an entire table is written containing a header and the main body. The header lists the slice number, the local current and the column names. In scan mode the current is replaced by the value of the scan parameter. The data follows directly the header. The rows correspond to the z-positions given in the block of the global parameters. The size of the table is controlled by the LOUT parameter.